The 2018 Summit of the Americas offered high quality Executive Conference Sessions targeted to the duty free and travel retail industry. The Executive Conference Sessions took place the following days:

  • Monday, March 19 – 8:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Tuesday, March 20 – 8:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Wednesday, March 21 – 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Below is the full slate of speakers for the Executive Conference Sessions with links to the presentations from those speakers who gave persmission for their presentations to be posted online:

Monday, March 19

Opening Remarks by Erasmo Orillac, Chairman, IAADFS
Opening Remarks by Gustavo Fagundes, President, ASUTIL

Travel Retail 2020: Digitally Disrupted or Digitally Evolved?
   Kian T. Gould, CEO / Founder, AOE GmbH

The latest research in the channel shows that the traditional travel retail model is under threat, with airports’ non-aeronautical revenues slipping steadily due to rapidly changing purchasing behaviors, shifting traveler demographics, and the rise of disruptive technologies. Airports and airport retailers seem to be struggling to address these challenges. Digital solutions to counter e-commerce lack the single-platform integration needed to function effectively. Listen to the company that launched a digital revolution in travel retail with its Omnichannel Airport Revenue Digitalization Platform, on the new digitally transformed vision for non-aeronautical revenues, which proposes proactive solutions to these challenges.

The Audience Will Learn:

  • Changing user behavior in travel retail
  • Customizing a digital retail and service offering
  • The airport as a digital marketplace solution
  • Fighting disruption with innovation
  • The quaternary of travel retail


When Different is Not Good Enough: Better Shopping for Tomorrow’s Airports
   Lewis Allen, Director, Environments, Portland Design

Lewis’s presentation will explore the future of retail and food and beverage commercialization in airports. Lewis will propose that airports must quickly implement passenger journeys that deliver shopping and food and beverage experiences more relevant for tomorrow’s passengers - not just different, but better. Seamless, frictionless and personalized. Seamless across physical surfaces and digital surfaces. Frictionless at every step from door to door. Personalized services and experiences crafted for individual passengers. Lewis will explore some key insights that should be considered by airports to develop better customer journeys that are future-ready for the new and emerging shopper behaviors of tomorrow:

  • The Universal Shopper: Shared shopping behaviors and millennial mindsets that will drive future customer experience design
  • 360° customer journeys: The future shopping ecosystem, the 24/7 seamless interaction of analogue and digital touchpoints that customers will expect to fulfill their various shopping missions
  • A new ‘space + time’ metric: The value of analogue and digital customer journeys where brand interactions will grow in importance relative to product transactions

If you are interested in receiving a copy of Mr. Allen’s presentation, please contact him directly at

Tuesday, March 20

Evolution of Travel Retail in a Changing World
   Julián Díaz González, CEO, Dufry

Julían Díaz will provide his perspective on the evolution of the travel retail industry in an ever-changing world.


The Dynamic Cruise Industry - An Insider's Perspective
   Gustavo Antorcha, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, Carnival Cruise Lines

Gustavo Antorcha shares his insight into this dynamic industry and the increasingly important contribution the cruise industry is making to the duty free and travel retail market in the Americas and globally.


Wednesday, March 21

In-depth Dive into the Air Traffic Evolution in the Americas 2018-2023
   Peter Mohn, Owner and CEO, m1nd-set
   Charles de Gheldere, Director Travel Intelligence, IATA

M1nd-set’s Exclusive Air Traffic Forecast in Partnership with IATA/ARC for North, Central and South America 2018-2023:

  • Airports with the strongest international passenger growth
  • Evolution of the top traveling nationalities in the region

Key airports for the Chinese and their expectations regarding travel retail and duty free when traveling to the Americas


The Economic Impact of Duty Free and Travel Retail in the Americas
   Frank O'Connell, President, Duty Free World Council

The Duty Free World Council will present the results of a study of the Americas that better quantifies the economic impact of the duty free and travel retail industry for all of the Americas, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.


Participation in the Executive Conference Sessions was open to all registered attendees.