2018 Exhibitors

Exhibit space for the 2018 Duty Free & Travel Retail Summit of the Americas is nearly sold out. To view the 2018 exhibitor list and online floorplan, click here. To see more information about exhibitors by product category, click on Category List (underneath Available Booth List) and click on any category to highlight the booths of exhibitors in that category. Click on the small triangle to the left of the category name to see the list of exhibitors that offer products in that category.

Spaces available for the 2018 Summit of the Americas 

We still have a small number of spaces available for the 2018 Summit of the Americas. Click here to download the Exhibitor information brochure.

Space Requests and Assignments

Exhibit space for the 2018 Summit of the Americas are assigned in priority order based on past exhibit history.  Returning exhibitors from 2017 have first priority, followed by new exhibitors.

The deadline to submit the completed Exhibit Space Application and Contract was Friday, October 13, 2017, but we are still accepting applications for space.

Space Rental Fee

The 2018 space rental fee of $22.50 per square foot ($250 per square meter) includes:

  • Rental of floor space
  • Wastebaskets (one per 100 square feet/9 square meters booked)
  • Daily cleaning of the exhibit space (vacuuming of the floor space, emptying of wastebaskets, and porter service during Summit hours)
  • Inbound and outbound freight handling fees
  • Complimentary exhibits-only registrations (allotment based on space size)
  • Complimentary wireless internet in the exhibit area
  • Exhibitor listings in the mobile app, 2018 Summit Guide, and online floorplan, as well as the exhibitor list emailed to buyers in advance of the Summit
  • Access to lists of registered buyers to use in setting appointments and promoting your brands

The space rental fee does not include the booth shell, walls, furniture, or display cases. Electrical service is not included in the cost of space rental and must be contracted separately. The exhibit area is carpeted with a multi-colored carpet.